Embrace the Whisper of Care with AERO AIR PURIFIER, the bladeless air purifying fan that delivers pure air to every member of your family. Experience the freshness of purified air with a bladeless fan designed to cater to your needs, offering 9 adjustable speed settings, an LED display, minimal noise disruption, and enhanced safety features. This bladeless air purifying fan is not just an appliance; it's a guardian of your health, ensuring that the air you breathe is as clean and safe as can be. With every gentle breeze it emits, AERO AIR PURIFIER envelops you in a bubble of wellness, reminding you that the health and comfort of your loved ones are always a breeze away. Embrace this quiet sentinel of health in your home, and let the AERO AIR PURIFIER transform your living space into a haven of purity and tranquility

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AERO AIR PURIFIER bladeless fan

AERO AIR PURIFIER Bladeless Fan - Innovating Pure Air for Those You Love

In a world brimming with pollution and impure air, we all crave a deep breath of clean air. This desire birthed the Aero Air Purifier, a device that not only purifies the air for you and your family but also offers a gentle shield against allergens and dust particles that may harm your loved ones' health.

With its modern design, affordability, and high quality, the Aero Air Purifier stands out from other bladeless fans. It's more budget-friendly and equipped with technology that ensures an unparalleled experience with evenly distributed air. It offers 9 adjustable fan speeds, an LED display, and adjustable swing angles for comprehensive coverage. Most importantly, it operates quietly, minimizing noise disruption for a peaceful environment. This makes it ideal for every room in your home, from the bedroom to the home office, allowing you to breathe easily and comfortably at all times.

The Aero Air Purifier doesn't just fill your home with clean and fresh air; it's a silent expression of love and care for every family member, creating a warm and environmentally friendly atmosphere every day. It's the touch of concern you can offer to your home and the people you cherish at any moment.

AERO AIR PURIFIER bladeless fan


AERO AIR PURIFIER Bladeless Fan - Crafting Your Bedroom's Purest Atmosphere

In a world where perfection is sought in every aspect of life, the comfort of our bedrooms should never be overlooked. The Aero Air Purifier, with its Turbocharger technology and internally developed brushless motor, has revolutionized the bladeless fan industry, allowing you to experience top-tier quality at an accessible price.

The fusion of smart manufacturing processes and stringent quality control ensures that each Aero Air Purifier that hits the market is second to none in quality, making it the beloved choice for your bedroom sanctuary.

Designed with elegance and suitability in mind, our bladeless fan has been refined to complement your interior decoration, elevating it from merely an electrical appliance to an integral part of creating a special atmosphere in your bedroom.

Our pride lies in offering a bladeless fan that not only meets the demands for quality and functionality but also provides value and easy accessibility. This ensures that every night is filled with the breath of joy and tranquility, undisturbed by the outside world. The Aero Air Purifier bladeless fan is not just a tool for comfort but a spark of love and care we have for you and your bedroom, making every moment spent therein a cherished one.AERO AIR PURIFIER bladeless fan


AERO AIR PURIFIER Bladeless Fan - Your Partner in Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere for Living For Large Room at 200 ㎡

As the sun's rays stretch across the room, filling every corner with warmth, it also brings with it a heat that might make your home feel a bit too close for comfort. Enter the Aero Air Purifier, a bladeless fan born to conquer such warmth with its powerful breeze, reaching speeds up to 4.2 m/s and sweeping across angles from 30 to 120 degrees. It's more than just a fan; it's a vehicle delivering freshness right into your living space.

Perfectly designed for large rooms up to 200 sqm, the Aero Air Purifier is not just circulating air in your space; it's crafting an ideal atmosphere for every aspect of life. Whether it's the serene tranquility of your bedroom, the cozy warmth of your kitchen, or the joyful vibrancy of your living room, this fan makes every environment perfect.

With 9 adjustable speed settings, you have the power to tailor the fan's performance for any situation, from the peaceful quiet needed in the bedroom to the refreshing ambiance desired in the living room, creating a perfectly balanced atmosphere for every dimension of living.

And with three distinct wind modes: Natural, Strong, and Sleep, the Natural mode mimics the gentle caress of a soft breeze across vast meadows, bringing a sense of the great outdoors right into your home.

Thus, the Aero Air Purifier transcends being just a bladeless fan; it becomes a companion that fills your room with freshness, offering new perspectives and ensuring every moment at home is filled with joy and comfort, making every day the best it can be.

AERO AIR PURIFIER bladeless fan


AERO AIR PURIFIER Bladeless Fan - A Guardian of Family Health with the Gift of Pure Air

This product is a brilliantly designed bladeless fan that guarantees safety and features a unique air circulation structure, offering a cool, gentle, and natural breeze. Traditional fans can sometimes cause discomfort, leading to issues such as feeling overly cold, headaches, or joint pains, particularly affecting the elderly and children. However, this smart bladeless bedroom fan generates a softer airflow, maintaining comfort even during extended use and significantly reducing the likelihood of discomfort.

With such gentle protection, every member of the family can fully relax in an environment filled with warmth and care. This bladeless bedroom fan is not merely a tool for creating a comfortable coolness but stands as a symbol of the care and protection we hold for each other within the family. It ensures every night for you and your loved ones is filled with peace and joy, undisturbed by any discomfort.

Through its thoughtful design and gentle breeze, this fan does more than circulate air; it circulates love, making every moment spent together in its presence a testament to the bonds that keep us close. It transforms every bedroom into a haven of tranquility, where every breath is a reminder of the comfort and care that surrounds us, night after night.



Rated Voltage: DC24v
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Output Power: 35w
Cable Length: 1.8m
Swing Angle: 30°,60°,90°,120° ±5°
Motor Speed: 3000-7200rpm
Air Speed: 4.5m/s
Net Weight/Gross Weight: 3.41/4.94kg
Product Size: 250*250*970mm
Box Size: 280*285*1030mm

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