Dust Mite Removal Machine

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MASTER CARPET VACCUUM, the latest innovation for cleaning carpets, vacuuming dust mites technology from America. Removes deep stains, remains of dust mites, germs, fungi, bacteria that have been firmly on the bed for a long time. Immediate results by using Chemgene disinfectant from England which contains ingredients that can eliminate Covid-19, H1N1, hand foot & mouth disease, fungi, bacteria, and germs. Certified by the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health and Mahidol University. Effectively eliminates up to 99.85%, covering a variety of fungal pathogens in the year 2023. Use Chemgene disinfection liquid in the machine and spray it on the bed area, after washing and vacuuming various dirty things from the bed and sofa mattress. The solution will disinfect everything inside the mattress and suck all the dirt into the machine and will make the mattress clean, smell good, and like new.





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