200W UV-C Disinfection Lift Trolley

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The smart lifting mobile UV disinfection cart is designed to quickly and thoroughly disinfect the air and surfaces in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and other facilities. Sterilization mechanism: Ultraviolet light can emit UV ray with a wavelength of 222nm, which is most easily absorbed by proteins and nucleic acids of bacteria and viruses, can denature and dissociate proteins, form thymine dimers in nucleic acids, and destroy the DNA and RNA structures of various viruses and bacteria, then bacteria and viruses died. Bacteria include coliform bacteria, bacillus, etc. , molds include penicillium, black mold, etc., and filterable viruses include the hepatitis virus, influenza virus.

The smart lifting disinfection cart has a radar sensor function. It senses someone walks in from 3~5 meters away, and the disinfection cart will stop working. If people leave 3~5 meters away, the smart lifting ultraviolet disinfection cart will automatically turn on and start working in 30 seconds.

The smart remote control switch keeps you away from the risk of ultraviolet light irradiating your skin and eyes. There are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes for you to choose... to perform regular disinfection mode disinfection. Start by remote controller Make sure the power of UV Disinfection light is Connected, press Power key on the remote control, choose the desired time to set, the default setting is 15 minute. After setting, the device will start warning with beep sound. The beep sound will go off after 30 seconds, and the UV Disinfection light will start to work; Press the Power button on the remote control if you wish to pause during sterilization.

If the light intelligent remote control is not available, Start by Power button Press the Power button on the device Chassis, the button will light up, the default setting is 15 minutes in Red light; press it again to change to 30 minutes in Greenlight; press it again to change to 60 minutes in White light. After setting, the device will start warning with beep sound. The beep sound will go off after 30 seconds, and the UV Disinfection light will start to work. Note: when start to work, we cannot adjust the timer.

The smart lifting UV disinfection cart that can be pushed and walked has 4 universal wheels, of which 2 universal wheels have a brake function to prevent the sliding of the lifting UV disinfection trolley.


  • UVC Wavelength: 222nm

  • Lamp Type: Up/Down

  • Bulb Lifespan: >6000 hours

  • High Sterilization Rate: ≥99.99%

  • Material: Quartz lamp and Metal housing

  • Time Options: Remote, Timing

  • Time & Area: <20m² = 15 mins, 40m² = 30 mins, 60m² = 60 mins

  • Voltage: 220/110V-50/60HZ

  • Size: 250*250*810mm

  • Certified: CE, RoHS, FCC



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