Eliminate Dust Mites with Water Filtration System and Air Purification Function SIRENA SYSTEM dust mite vacuum cleaner, an innovation from Canada and technology from Italy, is a water-based dust mite eliminating machine. It has the ability to eliminate dust mites and kill germs. It can eliminate viruses and kill bacteria floating in the air with innovation. SIRENA dust mite vacuum cleaner. The advantage of the SIRENA SYSTEM dust mite vacuum cleaner is that it sucks dust mites using a water system. in a natural way

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Sirena is not just another vacuum cleaner.

Safe to use on bare floors and carpet, Sirena is a Canadian-designed and engineered vacuum cleaner featuring state-of-the-art water based filtration technology to efficiently trap dirt. Unlike traditional vacuums, Sirena has no bags or dust cups to clean so it never clogs. Resulting in an efficient clean, 100% of the time.

The transparent basin allows you to see exactly how efficiently your Sirena vacuum works. The basin detaches easily so water disposal is quick and effortless. A special baffle is located behind the intake port to help keep larger debris away from the separator. The baffle lets you pour water down the drain while holding back pet hair or larger debris.

Even wet materials are no match for Sirena. You can remove up to 3 liters of liquid before needing to empty the basin.

Air Cleaning and Vaporizing

In quiet mode, Sirena can remove dust and odors from your home. Use an array of fragrances or Ocean Breeze deodorizer to eliminate common household odors like pets, food, and smoke. The Sirena can also be used as a vaporizer by adding Eucalyptus oil to the water.


  • WATER-BASED TECHNOLOGY. No more dirty, smelly vacuum bags or filters that easily clog. Everything gets trapped in the water and the water never clogs. Every time you use your Sirena it feels like using a brand new vacuum cleaner.

  • 2 SPEED MODES. Unleash the powerful 1000W Sirena motor to clean carpets, floors, furniture, and more. Or switch to Low speed and use the Sirena as an air purifier.

  • 6 UNIQUE ATTACHMENTS. A perfect tool for every cleaning task is included inside the box. Easily clean carpets, hard floors, furniture, mattresses, and more. Sirena can also be used as a blower or to inflate air mattresses and balloons.

  • REDUCES ALLERGIES. Water is an impenetrable barrier for most allergens including dust mites, pollen, and pet hair. The Sirena is a vacuum cleaner of choice for pet owners and asthma/allergy sufferers.

  • WET AND DRY PICKUP. Easily clean wet messes like pet puddles or spilled cereal. Simply rinse the hose after use by vacuuming a glass of clean water.

Guaranteed to be 100% effective, 100% dead, see results immediately.

Importer of innovative dust mite removal technology with the most sales in Canada

Note: Satisfaction is guaranteed if the unit cannot catch dust mites and there is no change in the dust mite filtration in the water. Or return the device within 5 days if the device has problems in use.




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