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The SOLO PORT 423 is a classic model with the most modern SOLO engine technology - Made in Germany – with high grade German quality components from MAHLE® and BING® provide outstanding robustness, low fuel consumption, reduced emissions and high continuous performance – also under extreme thermic conditions.

Apart from its important role in plant protection, the SOLO PORT 423 is also successfully deployed for pest control in agriculture and increasingly more for the treatment of specific areas for disinfection.

SOLO’s tried and tested, professional mister with 12 liter tank.

This lightweight, robust fogger has an amazing spraying capacity. The long reach nozzle directs the spray medium over a distance of up to 12 meters.

Included as standard: a long reach nozzle, a wide spray diffuser and nozzle with interchangeable deflectors.


  • Spray nozzle for long reach with high air exit velocity

  • Large filling and cleaning aperture

  • Long plastic spray tube, can be rotated and pointed in all directions

  • Voluminous and translucent liquid tank made from UV-resistant material

  • Comfortable, body contoured carrying frame, padded straps and 4-point vibration absorption

  • Ergonomic single hand operating lever for throttle control, spray volume and stop/start

  • Big fuel tank for extended work cycles

  • Blower housing made from impact resistant plastic material

  • Modern, low emission and service friendly SOLO 2-cycle engine with Nikasil® coated Mahle cylinder and robust BING® carburetor – made to last!




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