Fog sprayers are the top 5 hottest products in 2024.

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Choosing to buy a fogging machine in 2024 is important for controlling pollution and taking care of our environment. Especially in areas where there is a need to eliminate mosquitoes and insects. Therefore, choosing an efficient fogging machine is something that you should consider before purchasing. In this article, we will present information about the characteristics and features of each fogging machine model available in the market this year. To help you make the correct purchasing decision that meets your needs.

1. Fog sprayer AIROFOG AT 35
This year's most popular fogging machines Due to its high efficiency and ease of use, AIROFOG AT 35 can fog quickly and evenly. This makes it suitable for use in large areas. Whether it's getting rid of insects or creating an atmosphere at various events. It also has a durable and long-lasting design.

2. Super Fog fogging machine
Fog sprayer that comes with special features Can create large amounts of smog. Suitable for use in many situations, such as eliminating insects and creating a party atmosphere. or for use on a farm, Super Fog also has an easy-to-use control system. making it popular among general users

3. AIROFOG AR 35 fogging machine
Another model from AIROFOG that is durable and high performance, AIROFOG AR 35 has a design that is convenient to use. and can spray fog with high resolution This makes it suitable for use in areas that require precision and precision, such as hospitals, hotels, or restaurants.

4. Send Fog fogging machine
A popular and easy-to-use fogging machine, Send Fog is compact and easily transportable. Suitable for use in medium to small areas such as houses, coffee shops or small events. The machine also has an easy-to-use control system. This allows users to adjust the level of fogging as desired.

5. VECTRON fogging machine
VECTRON is a fogging machine that is designed to be versatile in use and can precisely adjust the fog distribution. It is flexible in use that makes it suitable for the needs of the user.

Fog machines in 2024 include AIROFOG AT 35, Super Fog, AIROFOG AR 35, Send Fog, and VECTRON, which are highly efficient tools and widely popular among users in the industrial and agricultural markets. Choosing the right fogger will provide effective and safe control of insects and dispersed compounds.

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